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Why Choose Us?


Kerry Martin

With a B.S. in Business & Economics from West Texas A&M, Kerry has been building homes for over 30 years. In college, Kerry apprenticed with a building company, learning every aspect and stage of the business from concept to implemenation to completion. Married with two children, he brought his family and his business to the Lake Travis area thirteen years ago. Some of the most incredible homes and businesses in Lakeway, Riverplace, The Hills and elsewhere in Austin are the direct result of Kerry’s integrity and ingenuity as a custom home designer & builder. Former clients of his will tell you that Kerry Martin is meticulous in every way. He does not waste, his job sites are clean and he will make sure that every last detail, down to the final pieces of trim, are in place with a client’s approval before calling a job complete.

Guy Dauderman

After spending over a decade managing Navigational Aids and Communication projects in the Middle East, Guy Dauderman returned to the US and has spent the last 27 years in Texas. He manages a growing Building Automation and Integration company with 4 branch offices in Texas and services clients across the US. Guy has personally overseen numerous energy saving projects in schools, hospitals, commercial buildings and government facilities. As a result, he has first-hand knowledge of the industry’s best energy-saving products and techniques. Now, Guy brings that knowledge to every residential and commercial project Enertech undertakes. Guy Dauderman is an integral part of what makes Enertech the future of building.


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